Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

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Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja

Participate in the sacred Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja in Trimbakeshwar. Our experienced Pandit performs the best Ancestral Dosh Remedies to honor and appease your forefathers for spiritual well-being. The 9th house represents the parent, forefathers, destiny, and wealth in a person's birth chart. Pitra Dosha is indicated by a combination of the Sun and Rahu in this house, as well as other astrological configurations, which removes all symbols of good fortune from the house of prosperity. Pitra Dosh is essentially a great forefather’s karmic obligation. It is mirrored in the Kundli as unwanted adverse astrological alignments, and the individual with Pitra dosha in his Kundli is responsible for paying it. When a person's forefathers perform wrongdoing or make a misstep, Pitra dosh is produced in their horoscope. As a result, the native is made liable for the malfeasance of their ancestors' previous crimes by undergoing numerous penalties.

Types Of Pitra Dosh

There are three kinds of Pitra Doshas:

1) Caused by a curse from forefathers or the debt of bad Karmas of one’s forefathers.
2) Caused as a consequence of a curse from an outsider or unknown who has been negatively affected by your karmas.
3) Caused due to ignorance and carelessness by an individual for their parents or aged person.

  • Conduction Brahmin Bhoj and offering Dakshina to Brahmins.

  • Offering chappati and cooked rice to Cow and crows for 11 consecutive days.

  • Keeping fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays will work as a remedy for Pitra Dosh.

  • Never forget to perform the proper rituals of Shradhas of your forefathers.

  • One can have a dream of ancestors asking you for food or clothes.

  • If the person or any other family member see dreams related to snakes hint towards Pitra dosh.


Participate in the Sacred Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja in Trimbakeshwar

Honor and Appease Your Forefathers

Discover the significance of Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja, performed by our experienced Pandit for Ancestral Dosh Remedies in Trimbakeshwar. Honor and appease your forefathers for spiritual well-being.

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Puja | Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja in Nashik | Trimbakeshwar Pitra Dosh Puja

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