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Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja

What is Mangal Dosh 

Hindu astrology says that Mangal Dosh occurs when Mars comes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in the ascendant chart. People who are born in this condition are Manglik. Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja is also known as Mangalik or Kuja Dosh. Mangal dosh is not auspicious for the natives. The 1st house is of Lagna. The 2nd house is Kutumbh. The 4th house is for comfort. The 7th house is of marriage. The 8th house is of age. The 12th house is the ascendant. This dosha is of two types: anshik and ekadhik meaning minor and major effects

General Traits Of Mangal Dosh

    Experience the divine Mangal Dosh Pooja in Trimbakeshwar. Our expert Pandit performs the best Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja to alleviate the malefic effects of Mars and bring positive energy to your life.

  • Mars female natives are very truthful and end up hurting many being rude and frank. Male natives are aggressive and suspicious. They want their partners to be housewife only. They can be destructive and egoistic in nature.

  • Mars represents energy, respect, self-esteem, ego, confidence, aggression and will power.

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik - Pandit Ravi Guruji

Experience the Divine Mangal Dosh Pooja in Trimbakeshwar

Alleviate Malefic Effects of Mars

Discover the power of Mangal Dosh Pooja, performed by our expert Pandit for Mangal Dosh Nivaran Pooja in Trimbakeshwar. Alleviate the malefic effects of Mars and bring positive energy to your life.

Mangal Dosh Pooja at Trimbakeshwar | Mangal Dosha Nivaran Pooja

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